Thursday, June 10, 2010

CoreLogic Files an Amended Complaint Adding More Defendants to Its AVM Patent Case and Interthinx Files a Counterclaim

One of the emerging ways that an AMC, or possibly even a lender, can expose itself to potential liability for selling or using an alternative valuation product (i.e., a non-appraiser valuation) is via alleged patent infringement.  As reported earlier on this site, CoreLogic filed a patent infringement lawsuit against eight AMCs and other AVM providers in April. In the lawsuit, CoreLogic alleges that it owns a broad AVM process patent being infringed by the various defendants who sell competing AVMs.

Some of the AVMs that CoreLogic accuses of infringing its patent include CASA®, ValuServ, iAVM™, Clear VALUE®, and LPS AVM Connect. This leads one to wonder if CoreLogic's lawyers . . .

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