Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LIA's "Loss Prevention Program" to be Presented at the Association of Texas Appraisers' Conference in Austin, TX, August 5-6

LIA is pleased to be affiliated with the Association of Texas Appraisers (ATA). I will be teaching LIA’s 4-Hour CE seminar "Loss Prevention Program for Real Estate Appraisers" at the ATA’s Annual Meeting and Education Conference in Austin, TX, August 5-6.  The ATA conference offers a total of 11 CE hours at reasonable cost to both members and nonmembers.  I have attached the ATA’s informational sheet for this event [pdf attachment].

Appraisers who are insured by LIA for their E&O become eligible for a one-time discount on their E&O premium of $50 (for a $500K or $1m per claim policy) or $25 (for a $300k per claim policy) per appraiser by completing the Loss Prevention Program at the conference.  This discount may be applied toward any payment due after the seminar.

We teach our Loss Prevention Program around the United States and it is the same seminar that we will teach at the Appraisal Institute's Annual Meeting and at the Appraisal Summit & Expo in Las Vegas later this year. It addresses current legal claims and liability issues affecting residential and commercial appraisers and how to decrease your personal risk. The information is based on actual claims and lawsuits. In addition to discussion about the interesting facts involved in many of the cases, the seminar provides specific instruction about how appraisers can improve certain aspects of their reports that lead to legal claims from disgruntled lenders, borrowers and other parties.  We will also discuss emerging legal issues such as the FDIC, indemnification clauses and other contractual issues.

Information about registration for the conference is available on the sheet attached above or can be found at the ATA’s website.