Monday, April 7, 2014

FREE Appraiser CE Seminar, Liability Issues for Appraisers Performing Litigation and Other Non-Lending Work, 5/2/14, Las Vegas, NV

I am teaching our 3-hour CE seminar about non-lending appraisal liability in Las Vegas on May 2. This seminar is very generously being hosted for free by the Las Vegas Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. Again, the seminar is free. Plus, LIA's insured appraisers who attend become eligible for an E&O discount as mentioned below.  Yes, we’re basically paying our insured appraisers to learn how to lower their own risk!

Space is limited. Appraisal Institute members and non-members, LIA-insureds or not, are all very much welcome and invited to attend the seminar.

This is the seminar – it’s a new topic:

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Warning for Appraisers about CoStar Copyrights and Licenses

In the last week, CoStar Realty Information has filed several lawsuits against commercial appraisers and real estate brokers for intentional copyright violations and fraud relating to the alleged use of CoStar property data and photos without proper registration/payment.

If you use CoStar, be sure you are doing so properly and within the terms of your license agreement. Examples of the types of alleged situations that have led to CoStar's recent and past copyright lawsuits are:  (1) sharing IDs/passwords, (2) obtaining an ID/password for an appraiser or other person who is not employed with the company licensed by CoStar, and (3) using IDs/passwords outside of the facility for which the ID/password is licensed.

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